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Françoise Larcade

Françoise Larcade

Inspired by the legacy of ancient civilizations, with a lifelong passion for archaeology, Egyptology and modern art, Françoise Turner-Larcade's career began as a jewelry designer with her own Boutique on the famous Avenue George-V in Paris and another in Tokyo (both now closed).

Moving on and over to North America, Françoise is now free to express other facets of her creative talent more fully in her new venture at ROSELAND.

Artists/Designers: Aime Cecil Noury & Pierre Dubois | Baay Xaaly Sene | Cinabre | Claire Basler | Claude Abeille | Damien Langlois Meurine | Diedhiou | Draman Cherif | Farfelus & Farfadet | Florence Jaffrain | Francesca Carallo | Francois Champsaur | Frederique Morel | Gaetano Pesce | Gatti | Herve van der Straeten | Ivo Stoyanov | Karskaya | Mathieu Lustrerie | Melograno | Pascal Cerchi | Sabrina Landini | Scott Eunson | Stephane Ducatteau | Thomas Boog | Vera Kunodi | Vincent Collin | Zhu Lan