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Zhu Lan

Zhu Lan

Country: China

Roseland Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Chinese-born Canadian artist Zhu Lan. The exhibition opens May 30th and runs though June 19th. A private opening reception will be held on May 29th from 5:00 – 8:00 pm.

Zhu Lan’s most recent body of work combines her trademark explorations of abstraction and surface texture with an innovative new splash of colour. Previously, her work focused on varying degrees of black and white expressionistic marks, which are now accompanied by a bold and striking use of red. Building on the traditions of techniques learned through the study of painting in China and Japan, Zhu Lan’s latest paintings fuse her trademark rhythmic tranquility with an almost violent and passionate streak. The result is something elegantly experimental, as she merges serenity and fury. In discussing her work, Zhu Lan has compared the act of painting to a personal spiritual exploration of the senses. With the new inclusion of red, this exploration takes on a new meaning to the viewer, as the bold colour can signify excitement, passion and perhaps more.

On a more formal level, the red blobs and slashes recall early Modernist painting and bring to mind Western conventions, which mixed with Asian influences, create works that are true to Zhu Lan’s mixed roots. In 2006, Zhu Lan stated that her aim was to continue to merge her international sources of inspiration and to create work that reflects her Canadian influences and the artistic legacies of her adopted homeland. This most recent series of paintings is a testament to that desire, as she has moved on to a new level of expression, all hinging on this new and bold use of the colour red.

Zhu Lan was trained at the China People’s Liberation Army Academy of Art in Beijing, China, and holds an MFA from the City University of Art in Kyoto Japan. Her work has been included in numerous exhibitions in North America, Europe and Asia. In 2004, she was included in a prestigious exhibition of Canadian art held at the Canadian Chamber of commerce in Hong Kong and was invited the by Fine Arts Museum in Beijing to participate in an exhibition. Her work can be found in both public and private collections internationally, including the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, UK General Electric, Banque de France. She has completed commissioned mural projects for restaurants, offices and museums. Zhu Lan currently resides in Montreal.

Moira Cowan, 2008



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